We are the leading manufacturer of Cast Alnico Permanent Magnets in India and we have been awarded ISO 9002 certificate. Our Company is a Private Limited Company constituted under the provision of Company Act on May 1995 known as M/s Accurate magnets Pvt. Ltd. 

Our company Manufactures CAST ALNICO Permanent Magnets of standard shapes and Sizes and also as per customer specification and requirement. Its quality is managed by team of highly caliber manpower.

The company is located in the capital city of Rajasthan (Jaipur) India and is situated at the Best Industrial Area i.e. Sitapura Industrial Area.

Alnico permanent Magnets Basically consist of five important elements ie. Cobalt, Nickle, Copper, Aluminium and Iron. Alnico permanent Magnet has  different grades as per requirement of magnets applications and Different Grades are made with various composition of these five elements.

The Process:- All these elements melted in induction furnace and Poured in shell moulds as per required shapes and  sizes. Oriented magnets made by field Quinching in strong magnetic field. Isotropic Magnets made without field Quinching and new be magnetised in multi polar   configuration.   To get required sizes, precision grinding is done and finally dimension and magnetic inspection is done in lab. We chec k chemical compositions and demagnetisation on sampling basis.    

Quality :- Fulfillment of quality standard comes first and foremost in our company's philosophy, as we consider it the significant factor to secure our company's position in the market. We attach great importance to the statement : Quality is built in, not added afterwards.

Application :-

Electrical Industry : Kwh Electrical meters.

 Automobiles : speedometers.

Computer : Hard Disk & Drives.

Then this casting are heat treated to achive required magnetic properties. There are two type of materials :-

(i) Isotropic            (ii) Oriented

ISOTROPIC:- These Magnets are  made by heating at required temperature and Quinching in air and then annealing as per requirement.

ORIENTED:- After Heating  at required Temperature Material is Quenched in strong magnetic field and Annealing is  done as per requirement.

Isotropic Magnets can be magnetized in multipole configuration  and oriented Magnets must be Magnetised as per given direction for only two pole configuration.


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