Quality systems existing at the accurate magnets pvt. ltd. comply with the requirement of international standard systems of ISO 9000 certificate by QCB Canada and Accredited by The Dutch council for Accreditation. 

Continious improvement in the Quality comes first and foremost in our company's  philosopy, As we consider it the significant factor to secure our company's position  in the market. We attach Great Importance to the statement : QUALITY IS BUILT IN, NOT ADDED AFTERWARDS.

Quality Systems Existing at accurate magnets company with the requirement of international standard systems  of ISO 9000 from QCB Canada and Accredited by the Dutch Council for Accreditation.

To achive Quality products we follow  following procedures in our factory.

1. Composition of Alnico is checked chemical test.

2. Demagnetisation curve is plotted to know magnetic values.

3. It is important to determine weather or not the finish magnets achive specific Quality Lavel, this can be done by various test methods depending upon intended end use of magnet. We at accurate magnets carry out different test as per requirement before despatching material to customer.

4. Standard test methods:-

  (a) open circuit Test.

  (b) Static Fixture Test.

  (c) Generated Voltage Test  

  (d) Pull Test

  (e) Torque Test

The Above Tests are performed for testing magnets for Quality Control at  accurat magnets factory or as accepectance test in the factory of user to assure proper operation in his End product.